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Generate truly random passwords by rolling real dice and entering the sequence in the box below.

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About Hawke AI Random Roller


Hawke AI Random Roller

A Diceware-based passphrase and random number generator

Creating truly random passphrases, passwords or numbers is nearly impossible in a computer, because computers cannot generate truly random numbers. And so computer-generated random numbers and strings can easily be cracked, especially if the attacker knows the algorithm for generating said string. Thankfully Arnold Reinhold created the Diceware system at, which uses dice to create truly random passphrases. However, none of the Diceware-based apps out there actually use dice to create passphrases, until now. Hawke AI Random Roller uses real dice to create the truly random passphrases, passwords, decimal or hexadecimal numbers. The word lists and algorithms are based on Mr. Reinhold’s work. Random Roller simply provides an easy-to-use front end so that we’re not wasting precious paper and so you can generate your passphrases more quickly.

How it works

In order to create a passphrase in Random Roller, you will need at least one die. Roll as many dice as the entry requests (e.g. 5 for a passphrase word) and enter this in the field. Then press the Add button below to add it. Once you’re finished, copy off the passphrase to a place where you won’t use it. Done.

Hawke AI Random Roller



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